THAT QUAIL, ROBERT by Margaret A. Stanger


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The life and times of ""that quail, Robert,"" who was found as an unhatched and abandoned egg in a nest on the property of Dr. and Mrs. Kienzle in Orleans on Cape Cod, where they had made their retirement home. The Kienzles brought the egg inside, and lo and behold, out pecked Robert! Robert survived and thrived on the affection he received, along with chicken starter and orange juice, toast and lettuce. He enjoyed company and was very attached to his foster parents. One day during his first spring he didn't feel well, but solved his problems by laying an egg! By that time, Robert was a celebrity, and gained a headline for her achievement. Later NBC asked her to New York to appear on the Missing Links program, an invitation her parents refused for her, but the author went as her representative, along with the egg. Robert enjoyed four years of life with the Kienzles, with Mrs. Stanger a backstop parent. Her story is told by an appreciative observer. A pinfeather in the wind for bird lovers.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1966
ISBN: 006081246X
Publisher: Lippincott