HURRY UP AND WAIT by Margaret B. Wilder


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This is a sequel to Since You Went Away (whose fame rests chiefly on its use as a title for a picture which resembled it not at all!) -- and we think it a better book on all counts. This continues the jam today, damn tomorrow experiences of war duration widow Anne, her two daughters, Brig and Jan, and the indispensable domestic, Fidelia. With slighter touch, and less sentimentality than the first, this is feminine family reportage -- of Anne's editorial job on an army paper out at the field, of the bachelor attentions of Tony, suspected by the girls and Fidelia; of the selling of the book and the gold-plated, be-in-Hollywood directive from Selznick; of her importation of the two girls and the loosing of two innocents on Hollywood; of Hollywood's effect on them all, and the pleasant surrender to extravagance as they buy clothes, a car, a house, and are ready to settle there when a letter from Tim (now in England) changes the future. Petticoat peripatetics, impulsively, intimately styled.

Pub Date: Jan. 28th, 1945
Publisher: Whittlesey