THEY ALSO SERVE by Margaret Baker


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A doctor's wife story, which is largely his, and which prescribes a grain of salt, but which reads well --anecdotally, intimately. When the author married Nick, a surgeon, they went to set up a home and practice in a middle sized town where Nick has a job under its head surgeon. The head surgeon dies, leaving Nick unknown, without a practice and without support. And Nick makes himself two powerful antagonists, one doctor with whom he refuses to fee split --another whom he disputes (rightly) on a diagnosis. These two combine to keep Nick back, try to block a hospital appointment, and one eventually frames him with a malpractice suit. Cases, many of them, on the flagrant side -- Nick is shot at by a disgruntled patient, the wife catches four gangsters, a child mother -- who aorts herself, etc., etc. in what you might call a full practice, by the close. For the Loomis market.

Pub Date: Aug. 20th, 1942
Publisher: Penn