HOMER THE TORTOISE by Margaret Baker Baker


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An engaging bit of whimsey about a tortoise who talks, this airy nonsense set in England should appeal to those who loved Alice in Wonderland and like animals who have something to say. Homer, rescued from a pet shop by Lettice, the middle Brown girl, enjoys reading the Times and has had the benefit of a classical English education in Homer's native Greace. Naturally his superior intelligence aids the Brown girls -- Dulcibella, Lettice and Mouse in solving their own and their neighbours' problems and wins for Homer fame and a ribbon for winning a race against a Shetland pony and some greyhounds. While no Mr. Toad, the Homer creation is a beguiling addition to the gallery of sophisticated, articulate animals in literature.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1950
Publisher: Whittlesey House