BRIDE'S ISLAND by Margaret Bell Houston


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In this pretty Southern dimity, some likeable ladies couple for better with some pleasant gentlemen, amid the patterings of a female-dominated Texas mansion. After the marriage of her pretty widowed mother, Victoria Blue, aged nine, journeyed in 1886 to live with the of her new Papa, Jeremy Larke. The household of Bride's Island, ruled with a firm hand by stern Aunt Lutie, ran on an inflexible schedule in spite of the flirtations inclinations of vain Aunt Nep who stole her daughter Megan's first love, a handsome Creole, right from behind her thin, resigned little back. Brother Harl, tempted by the man-collecting Easterner, Delphine, has his troubles too. However, at the close of the book Aunt Nep is the only loser, not only failing to secure a third husband but also seeing the neighboring land she had coveted go to Megan and her husband. With its gentle rustling of bustles, a pleasant lending library item.

Publisher: Crown