SOLUTION: ESCAPE by Margaret C. Cooper


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At a Scientific Research Station somewhere in a future Eastern Europe, 13-year-old Stefan learns that: he is a clone; he has a clone-brother, Evonn; he and Evonn were cloned from a dissident, defecting genius-scientist; they are being trained to take over the world for the scientist's vengeful mentor, Dr. Igor Zorek, tyrannical director of the Research Station. Most of the short book, in fact, is what Stefan learns, and relatively little has to do with what he does about it: namely, to become buddies with Evonn, compare notes, and determine to escape. The actual escape is the book's one sustained episode: Stefan learns (again) about a drug that will lower his and Evonn's temperatures sufficiently for them to pass through the invisible barrier without activating its laser beams; he proceeds to synthesize said drug and test it on lab mice; and it works. Some terminal reflections on becoming human, though a clone, through feeling affection (not feeling inadequate), conclude a very thin, totally synthetic story.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1981
Publisher: Walker