A WORLD OF HORSES by Margaret Cabell-Ed. Self


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An anthology composed of true and fictional tales by such famous writers as Tarkington, Twain, Poe and Kipling and a group of lesser known authors who rank because of their special talents as ""horseologists"". Adhering to no particular era or area, the editor has chosen stories which shed light on some aspect of equine behavior or reveal some fascinating interaction between humans and horses. Lincoln Steffens does this with humor in his story of a would-be cowboy who meets the real McCoy. A T. Tschiffeley does it dramatically in his true story of his own trek on horseback from Buenos Aires across the United States. Will James does it sensitively in a horse tale that those in the know will find utterly credible. The animal's capabilities are examined in an interesting statistical study on endurance as well as in the exciting tales of harness racing, stag hunting and quite pointedly in the story of horses set free by the Spanish explorers in wild territories. The absence of poetry and specific articles distinguish this from another anthology published by Macmillan this year, High Stepping Horses (p. 753), though both will thrill the horseman and enlighten the interested novice.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill