PONIES ON PARADE by Margaret Cabell Self


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This is true story material, for the family of which Margaret Self writes actually has a stable full of ponies and a riding school, up in Connecticut. It's the same family of which she wrote so engagingly in Those Smith Kids, we understand, but the storybook name this time is Anderson -- Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Peter and Shirley and Barbara and David and Joan. This is primarily the story of the ponies, anecdotal in quality, told with humor and sympathy, and with some slight degree of factual information about training ponies. The ponies themselves emerge as definite individuals, -- Sheebutton, who was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde, Dandy who was a ""skewbald"", Black Imp who deserved his name, Yum Yum the donkey, and so on. Sure appeal for young horse lovers.

Publisher: Dutton