THE PASSIONATE BROOD by Margaret Campbell Barner


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A fictionization of the life and romance of Richard Coeur de Lion, whose heroic, legendary character is presented in full panoply of his loves, and hates, ambitions and drives, and the deterrents to his complete fulfillment as worthy king of England. His mixed heritage from Eleanor of Aquitaine and security-loving Henry; his discovery that his affianced Ann was willing to be his father's mistress; his exile to the court of Nararre and his complete capitulation to Berengaria's charms. Then the determination to join the Crusades, and his marriage to Berengaria on Cyprus where wanton Ida first threatened Berengaria's happiness. The success of the Crusade, the later wandering disguised through Europe and imprisonment by his enemy, Ludwig of Austria. Berengaria, refusing all offers to buy his freedom with her body, forces the English people to pay the ransom. A deadly quarrel with Berengaria, over Ida, sends him home without his queen and his younger brother John gives him bitter problems to face. Abroad again to fight the French, reunion with Berengaria, and death from an arrow. A recreation of 12th century worlds, of the death of the medieval tradition, a re-animation of famous historical figures, this is acceptable, readable historical fiction, interpreted according to modern techniques.

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1945
Publisher: Macrae Smith