BRIEF GAUDY HOUR by Margaret Campbell Barnes
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The forever fascinating story of Anne Boleyn, in its third and most popular rendition of the year. With an historical amplification which is never obstructive, the elegant entertainment and exquisite beauty of court life and costume is recaptured, the many figures who played a part in this story, the poet Thomas Wyatt, the romantic Harry Percy, Wolsey, etc. Following Anne from her eighteenth year, an intelligent, oversensitive girl, this shows her inner struggle between her religious background and her father's pressure to make her Henry's mistress, later his Queen. If disliked by many, there was her charm for all men in England and abroad which gave her her brief gaudy hour with Henry, later led to her downfall in the falsified evidence of adultery at the trial... Continuing the historical series. Within The Hollow Crown, My Lady of Cleves, etc. there is again the full panoply of period, sympathy of presentation to pull a wide following (presumably wider than the Plaidy).

ISBN: 1402232217
Publisher: Macrae-Smith