BE YOURSELF: Analyzing Your Innate Aptitudes by Margaret E. Broadley

BE YOURSELF: Analyzing Your Innate Aptitudes

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This has been written with Bartlett (""Goethe said"" -- ""Confucius noted"") in one hand and, in the other, the 19 aptitudes of the Human Engineering Laboratory-Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation -- 11 transcontinental offices and 50 years in the business of finding out what business you should be in. Being an executive takes high abstract visualization -- women aren't very good at this; a lawyer shows inductive reasoning, an engineer structural thinking, a doctor tweezer dexterity along with a lot of other things, and so it goes. But not always down when it comes to those ""vast sums"" government and industry are handing out to scientific researchers. As for a good vocabulary -- almost every profession demands one -- even writing -- particularly for those helping you on your way to a ""meaningful life"" and that ""impossible dream.

Pub Date: Jan. 17th, 1971
Publisher: Luce-dist. McKay