TWO IN THE FAR NORTH by Margaret E. Murie


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Reminiscences of Alaska told from a woman's angle go back to the steamboat, goldmining days of 1911 when the writers's stepfather became Assistant US Attorney and the family moved from Seattle to Fairbanks. Her childhood's impressions of the social round, whist, sewing and church clubs in an isolated boom town are succeeded by a lyrical account of three expeditions to untouched areas in Alaska on which the author accompanied her biologist husband. It was at first difficult to adapt herself from the relative comforts of smalltown life to the demands of outdoor living during months-long trips by husky-drawn sleigh, by boat or on foot. However, the people, wildlife and terrain are enthusiastically and knowledgeably described in her book. In spite of a certain repetition, her pioneering spirit stands out in this account of her adventures which is marked by a gift for detail and a sense of humor. In addition, it is a timely reminder of the need for taking steps to preserve wildlife in America's most northern State on which the bulldozer is fast encroaching.

ISBN: 088240489X
Publisher: Knopf