SO BRIEF A JOURNEY by Margaret Echard


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With a background of hereditary diseases this confronts Dr. Peter Feil with more than one problem with the crises that arise in his personal as well as his professional pediatric life. A baby with what proves to be phenylketonuria, a leukemia case needing hospital treatment, a little girl with diabetes who should have family care, claim his whole attention and what is happening to his marriage and his own young son is not noticed. When he learns that his wife wants a divorce, when he suspects -- and gets proof -- that his boy is a Tay-Sachs case, when he admits that success and status cannot compare with his preference for research in genetic defects, Peter, knowing his child is incurable, makes a necessary adjustment to his marriage and his career. Other issues -- of Jewish strains, parental attitudes, office tempests, peripheral family, and various, discords, fill a woman-marketable novel which never over-plays sentimentality.

Publisher: Doubleday