HOSPITAL SUMMER by Margaret Egan


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Summer hospital aide, Kathy Gowan (eighteen) has a lot to handle: her first patient starts to unbutton her dress, her favorite dies in her arms, a third has a daughter who pops up frequently in the most unlikely places. Then there's visiting Ann Baker, daughter of Mrs. Gowan's old friend, who comes on ""in a voice as old and as young as Eve."" Kathy fears Ann will take over hot prospect Tom but the houseguest has more urgent problems--like finding out how she really feels about her (stereotyped) social-climbing mother. Actually, the hospital scenes, especially those involving personnel, are better than the trumped-up ""relationship"" the girls reach and much better than the harder and harder kisses between Kathy and Tom. (At the end he intones, with manly restraint, ""the movies it's got to be, for another three years."") Neal as a pin, not nearly so sharp.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday