GYPPO LOGGER by Margaret Elley Felt


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A glibly written personal account by the wife of an independent, small businessman of the lumber industry-- a ""gyppo logger"". It will have particular regional interest for the Pacific Northwest, detailing the ups and downs of financing a logging camp, collecting the workers and feeding them. Mrs. Felt was her husband's ""right hand"" for all paper work and she wrestled trucks, supplies and hungover lumberjacks between their camp and civilization, while trying to raise their family. Overlong and too cluttered with inessential anecdote for wide general appeal, Mrs. Felt's inside view of the precarious existence of the small operator in conflict with the big lumber interests is confined to the latter part of the book. Here, she makes her points with vigor but with only a personalized and thus partial awareness of the economics of the lumber industry and market.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1963
Publisher: Caxton