PEG-LEG WILLY by Margaret Embry


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Just in time for Thanksgiving comes Peg-leg Willy, the turkey who wouldn't be roasted. While la abuelita (the little grandmother) prepares cornbread and onions for stuffing, the children find ways to avoid catching and killing Willy, whose lost limb they have replaced with a wooden leg. Willy is finally reprieved when LeRoy, the intrepid one, catches a big fish in his shirt, a fish big enough for the family feast. Each of them has something to be thankful for, Willy most of all. The obtrusive terra-cotta wash drawings, frequently awkward in detail, provide an unattractive setting for what might have been a pleasant little Mexican-American family fiesta.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1966
Publisher: Holiday House