GOODBYE PROUD WORLD by Margaret Emerson Bailey


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Subtitled, The Autobiography of a Rhode Island Rebel, this is delightful autobiography of childhood and early youth -- a professor's household -- a sensed background of rejected wealth and position -- a psychological unrest due to her father's scholarly detachment and her mother's restless, rootless vitality and charm for the opposite sex. One gets a vital picture of a segment of America at the moment when it is passing out of the security of one generation into the new and less serene world. Providence, insulated by its own sense of completeness, cannot offer Meg enough, and at the end of this book, she has determined to go to New York to seek her fortune. Bryn Hawr, a generation ago -- West Point, and the glamor of one summer's romance -- and holidays in and around Providence give a bit more than just the one background.

Publisher: Scribner