THE LOVELY APRIL by Margaret Freydberg


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A few days in the lives of Maud Quilt, who is almost 80, her daughter-Eve Donn whose youth is receding, and Eve's daughter, Cathy, who is 20, indulges, languorously, in an interchange of emotions and sensations, of shifting vibrations and sudden illuminations. Maud Quilt lives a quiet life of elegance in her Madison Avenue home, and in her old age is enclosed with her many memories. Only her favorite granddaughter Cathy lends a certain sparkle to the passage of the days. Eve Donnar, in a menopausal mood, is restive, chafes at the thought that life is passing her by. But Cathy is really in the swim of it- and just before her graduation, is forced to leave college since she is going to have a baby, and has no intention of marrying its father. Cathy, bravely brandishing her defiance of a moral code which demands a meaningless sanction of a natural impulse, arrives home to face her parents, not as shocked as she would have thought, and her grandmother, more shocked than she had imagined. The baby, arriving prematurely, contributes to the breathlessness of this crisis- but her parents rally around her, and old Maud Quilt comes to her bedside bringing her most priceless possession-her pearls.... If you remember The Bride (Harper- 1952) this is again only for women who are not embarrassed or irritated by all these exposed emotions.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1955
Publisher: Scribner