THIS AWAKENING by Margaret Fuller


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Overlooking no occasion for sentiment, and retreating- at intervals- to religion, this tells of the earthly tribulations but eternal triumphs of Letty (the author's aunt). London-born in the 1850's, Letty was to form a childhood love which she never outgrew for George- who was ""delicate"". But, fulfilling a deathbed obligation to her father, she marries much older, moneyed Mr. Martin who indulges her- but cannot win her affection. Recently made a proud father, Martin dies- as does her only child (substantiating her premonitions), and only some years later does George accede to his love for her, and hers for him, delicate though he still is. Still pursued by the aura of death, Letty is to learn a few months after her marriage that George will die- and in a final test of fortitude, she makes their last days together satisfying for all time... Are you awoke?

Publisher: Westminster Press