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An almost 100% solid basis for this book of clothes and styles and the various ramifications -- all handled in a light-hearted, modern manner. The main theory is ""pick the style that suits you and stick to it, regardless of transitory fashion dictates."" But -- study the style first. Find what are your best lines, from neck line to hem line, with careful consideration of tummy and hips. Then see how not to be your age, if cosmetics, proper usage, accessories, hats, shoes, and so on, will turn the trick. Play up your hair, eyes, skin, coloring by suitable blends and contrasts. Dress to your type and temperament, follow the designers that suit your personality. Manners and clothes -- what to wear and where. Work clothes -- dealing with jobs from salesgirl to stenographer to executive, with side excursion to the campus. Your budget -- what is economical and suitable. Values in furs, jewelry, what they are worth and what they look worth. A first rate guide to a reputation for becoming a well dressed woman, with fundamental principles stressed rather than passing fads. There's chance for a long life and a gay one. The photographic illustrations will be kept up to date; the book revised to keep it in the mode. And there's nothing modern in the market to compete.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1938
Publisher: Simon & Schuster