DIXIE DOIE: A Sabe Island Pony by Margaret  & Helen Lessing Johnson

DIXIE DOIE: A Sabe Island Pony

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For the top of this age group -- third graders, perhaps -- and for the lower grades is the next group -- here is another title in an-ever popular series, dealing with dogs and horses of various periods and parts of the world. Dixie, wild pony, born with instinctive fear of man, is taught to love and trust her owner. But she has many adventures before this happens. With other wild ponies she is captured and taken from her barren island for out in the Atlantic, wrecked near the shore of Move Scotia, and introduced to a new world of trees and strange creatures and a friend in a strayed ox. Cold and hunger and loneliness tempt her to civilization when the ox is taken back by Farmer Deb. He gains her trust and breaks her to farm work. But the sight of the sea terrifies her, until a new master, the village doctor, wine her love and she saves his life from the current of a treacherous lake....A good story, with real substance, simply told, and illustrated by the authors. They are always more successful with their animal drawings than their humans....A dependable favorite.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace