GOAL IN THE SKY by Margaret Hill


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A career book about an airlines stewardess is informative to the nth degree but little more than a fact conveyor. Both has to leave College at the end of her junior year when her father's dude ranch in Montana fails and her job-hunting has a happy ending when she gets a chance to be a stewardess. After passing all the tests (to which the reader is subjected in detail), she is sent for training near San Antonio, where a troublesome boy friend temporarily snafus her progress by keeping her out too late, and she proves herself cool, calm and collected in a plane emergency. Her graduation assures her of six settled years (deo volente) and there is the possibility that she will return to Montana to marry Kirk, a young veterinarian, who, from a distance, has slowly been realizing that she is more than the girl next door.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1953
Publisher: Little, Brown