SENIOR HOSTESS by Margaret Hill


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Beth Dean of Hostess in the Sky and Goal in the Sky takes her training to become a senior hostess with Sky Lanes airways. The author splices episodes of humor and tension as Beth initially is attracted to Warren Herrick, one of the training officers --until she finds through a moonlight stroll that Warren's sole interest is planes and their speeds. Penny, junior hostess on Beth's flights between Ketchikan and Fairbanks, Alaska, proves to be a girl short on both tact and judgment. The decision of Penny's future is in Beth's hands, after Penny, contrary to Sky Lanes regulations, administers mild medication to a passenger who subsequently dies en route. Beth is a level-headed responsible heroine whom younger teen-aged readers should enjoy in her further adventures. A deft vocational novel with very incidental light romance.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1958
Publisher: Little, Brown