A CROWN FOR CARLY by Margaret Hubbard


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Margaret Hubbard has a good list of children's fiction to her credit- among the most recent, Halloran's Hill and Thunderhead Mountain. As in these, this has quite a deep analysis of its heroine, 10- year- old Carly, a psychology professor's daughter and cousin of a young nun, Sister Isabel, on whom she has a crush. Carly persuades her parents to Send her to the boarding school where Sister Isabel teaches. Her experiences there make funny, thoughtful reading. Much as She wants to adopt the saintly characteristics of her cousin, Carly is a gay, energetic girl whose spirits are irrepressible. Without intending to, she breaks rules and when she is almost expelled for it, even though one escapade results in good fortune for the school- Carly is made to realize that even the church believes each person is meant for a different role in life and that she is not necessarily at fault in being unlike Sister Isabel.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1955
Publisher: Macmillan