A CASTLE AND SIXPENCE by Margaret J. Baker


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A decorative family story, festooned with coincidence and happy accidents, which occur in a leisurely British fashion. The Martingales -- widowed mother, who writes children's stories, Nicholas, Petronella, Dinah and little Benjamin -- inherit a castle just in time, since the old cart horse they had bought could no longer graze in their narrow garden At the castle, there is the problem of a mysterious orphan boy who had been promised the castle by the Martingale's deceased relative, a nasty neighbor who wants Mother to sell the castle, a jovial young publisher, feasts and famines. However, the orphan boy's mother is found, the castle is saved, a treasure is found to swell the diminished family coffers, and Mother is destined to marry the publisher. Properly jolly.

Publisher: Longmans, Green