TRANSPLANT by Margaret Jones


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Lifted from older annals of horripilation (remember the pianist who was given the hands of a murderer?) or perhaps just part of that great new world of truly organic medicine, this one, grafted with a little satire, deals with Mike Arundel, a painter. When first met only his head is left, pendant in a liquid bath with a pseudolung, but before long he will be rejoined by the body of Conway, a ladies' man. Mike who had lived an art for art's life, now is troubled by Conway's treacherous, lecherous impulses, lusts after his predecessor's women as well as those of spare part surgeon Dr. Izzard, goes to his final demise unregretfully. . . . Take a Turns, a tranquilizer and a grano salis, and curiosity will do the rest.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1968
Publisher: Stein & Day