RIDE OUT THE STORM by Margaret K. Bell


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A sympathetic handling of young teen social problems and an absorbing story, by the author of The Totem Casts a Shadow -- again with the lovely Alaskan background. Lisbeth, living alone with her parents on Hermit's Bay, Alaska, and running happily with tame deer, rowing in the sparkling, uncertain sea, and watching Mrs. Higgenbottom and her three cubs satisfy their bear appetites with seafood, is uprooted with tears and good advice, to a boarding school in California. Teapot boarding school politics and clique pressure bring matters to a tempestuous boil as Lisbeth, the thirteen-year-old ""pleb"", fearful and shy with her classmates, is falsely accused by her roommate of stealing. Time and a determination to ""ride out the storm"" bring Lisbeth through. The author's appreciation of teen-age troubles make the more fiendish sweet things creditable. Tops for a loyal boarding school story audience.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1951
Publisher: Morrow