THE GREAT ANSWER by Margaret Lee Runbck


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A personal, dramatic and approach to faith which is in key with emotional needs today and of segmenting importance to many to it outside their ken yesterday. There's the woman's touch, definitely, with some sentiment, but it is inescapably moving material which illustrates from actual experiences of war that ""man's extremity is God's opportunity"" and that a belief in God, even though unacknowledged as such, is back of every fighting man. There are stories Marines at Guadal (""no in foxholes""), of London under Blits, of Dunki, greatest of all; there are stories of individual exploits, Eddie Rickenbacker, Berney , man , Mrs. Choate, wife of CGR 3070's Joe there are stories of planes and . There are incidents outside the fighting forces, Rose Helene, the little five year old French child who gave her mother sufficient faith to cross the on foot; Dr. Jaroshevion, who outprayed 53 days of torture and starvation at the hands of the Gestapo; Mrs. Bell, the little missionary on a with some children for days. In 1941 Daphne du Maurier's Come Wind, Come Neather reached a wider audience even than that provided by the Moral Rearmament group for which the book was presumably keyed. This has somewhat that appeal, a definite spiritual strengthening, without the bias of a particular pattern of faith.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1944
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin