GIVE HIM MY LOVE by Margaret Mackay


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Some pretty untrammeled emotion here, as this tells of Mary Allistair's search for the truth behind her husband's death which carried also the stigma of dishonor. In spite of a heart condition which can stand no further tension, Mary survives considerable strain as she travels from London to the continent hoping to find someone who had known Brett, and on the way she falls in love with Ben Roderick, an Englishman, serious and sensitive where Brett had been sardonic and ruthless. Learning that Brett has become a communist leader in Italy, Mary follows him there only to meet his new wife and to learn that Brett is back in London. There all issues are finally solved as Brett is killed, and Ben is freed for Mary from the wife who never loved him... The drama here, and it's rather continuous, gives this assured aptitudes for rentals.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1949
Publisher: John Day