PAST IMPERFECT by Margaret Maron


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Earnest, diffident, semi-unattractive Lieutenant Sigrid Harald, N.Y.P.D., (Corpus Christmas, etc.), on the trail of dead cop Mick Cluett's killer, collides with some painful truths about her parents' marriage and her dead dad's one-time partner and best friend (and Sigrid's current supervisor) Captain McKinnon. Meanwhile, a clerical worker at the station is shoved in the path of a subway car, and Detective Jarvis Vaughn's investigation of that case soon indicates that she and Cluett shared the same murderer, with all signs pointing to the perp as a cop-killing cop--someone at the station house four years back. Internal Affairs enters the picture; the precinct is uptight; and, to top off the tension, Sigrid must endure a day of beauty at the hands of an image consultant--a Christmas gift (unwanted) from her grandmother. Dressed better and with a slightly more flattering haircut, Sigrid and Vaughn find an eyewitness to Cluett's murder--a subway bum--just before he's dispatched by the renegade cop. Stolid work, and the interspering of Vaughn's first-person reports is disruptive and dramatically flat. So-so procedural stuff.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1990
ISBN: 385-41364-5
Publisher: Doubleday
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