by Margaret Mead

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What the Christian Hopes for in Society, edited by Wayne E. Gowan, Selected essays from Christianity and Crisis by such authors as John Bennett, David Roberts, Paul Tillich, God and the Day's Work by Robert L. Calhoun. A revision of his earlier book by the same title and a call to transform all work and vocations into Christian reactions. What Archeology Says about the Bible by Albert N. williams -- A fascinating report of the ways in which the recently discovered ruins of the ancient past give reliable clues to Bible life and times. The promise of Prayer by John L. Casteel -- Condensed from the Rediscovering Prayer in which the author helps the reader to discover the rewarding, costly and almost lost life of prayer. Sex and the Christian Life by Seward Hiltner -- Drawn in large measure from the author's Ethics and the Kinsey Reports, a modern Christian view of the human dimension of sex, based on the biblical witness and current studies of sex behavior. The Unfolding Drama of the Bible by Bernhard W. Anderson -- A road map of the Bible in eight studies and masterful condensation of the biblical revelation. A challenging introduction to further Bible studies. All of these Reflection Books are inviting and should readily find their way into the hands of many who are concerned with these matters of timely and constant interest.

Publisher: Association Press