ME LING'S MOUNTAIN by Margaret Meyer


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Grandmother and the taro patch or the University of Hawaii and helping children as a teacher? Complicating Chinese-Hawaiian Mei Ling's choice is her love for handsome Yuen Hou, who'd tie her to farming, and the refusal of Uncle Wu to take responsibility for his mother. And then there is grandmother Yen Yit herself. When Mei Ling has at last arranged to go. Yen Yit becomes feverish and Mei Ling recants; but a dream of Mei Ling's drab future in the fields causes Yen Yit to let her go gladly. Bordering and sometimes encroaching on Mei Ling's plight is information about the island, the mountain, raising taro, refining sugar. But it's a short book altogether, and Mei Ling is one of the more stalwart of this torn-apart sort, a little substance in a bland formula.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1968
Publisher: Chilton