THE CANNIBAL HEART by Margaret Millar
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The author of Wall of Eyes, The Iron Gates, with again a story of suspense, which is unorthodox, unusual and expert in execution. In a narrative which relies on indirection, this tells of Evelyn and Mark Banner and their youngster, Jessie, as they rent a house from a Mrs. Wakefield in an isolated part of California. As Mrs. Wakefield stops off there for a few days, her uneasy, unrevealed past becomes a source of stronger speculation, the husband who is buried on the grounds, the Mongolian idiot child who has just died. And Mark's attraction to Mrs. Wakefield-albeit with the fear that she will destroy him too- leads to the almost fatal farewell... A finished, fascinating job, which is for the mystery market as well.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1949
Publisher: Random House