DRUG WARS by Margaret O. Hyde


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The dynamics of the ever-expanding drug trade, offering historical (albeit piecemeal) and socioeconomic background. In lucid chapters on cocaine (and crack), heroin, marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco, Hyde untangles many of the international and domestic intrigues that have led to recent headlines: the economic dependence of developing countries on the drug trade; dealers' exploitation of poor neighborhoods, as well as their hiring of children as sellers; and the out-gunning of local law-enforcement agencies. In a last chapter, Hyde outlines the possible repercussions and advantages of drug legalization. Except for a brief bibliography, Hyde does not cite her specific sources, especially unfortunate since she has stowed such a broad, serious topic into relatively few pages. Still, a worthy, much-needed volume on a subject of increasing relevance. Table of controlled substances; further reading; index.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1990
Page count: 103pp
Publisher: Walker