THE RING AND THE DREAM by Margaret Osborn


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Tremulous, at times hitting moments of emotional exaltation, this recalls the personal history of Julia Fenimore, now a recluse and with the exception of a retainer, alone and living in faded grandeur. Famous once as the wife of wealthy Jim Fenimore, as a beauty, and a showpiece for the jewels he bought her, here is the tragedy of her marriage as insolent, attractive Fenimore had wanted to possess her but found she eluded him, and Julia, who only wanted his love-earned his hate. The climax is reached when a famous bracelet causes a young servant's dismissal and suicide, and Julia, refusing to wear it again, incurs Fenimore's cold contempt. Fenimore leaves her, and the years are spent in restlessness, in loneliness, until Julia dies at the hands of a thief... As they say, fine feathers do not make fine birds.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1947
Publisher: Harper