THE SILENT WOMEN by Margaret Page Hood


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Here's a double repeat -- as reported first on p. 445 of the July 15, 1953 Bulletin, then later on p. 719 of the November 1, 1953 Bulletin: ""A stony, brooding island off the Maine coast in the setting for a story which gains its tension through the character of the islanders, particularly the women. Young Gil Donan, deputy sheriff from Fox Island, comes to Spruce because Glovanni claims his beautiful daughter Gina has been murdered. The island women, led by Martha, the shopkeeper who puts up Gil and feeds him well, claim that Gina has not returned from her mainland home for years, but when Gil finds Gina's body on a duckhunt he learns the true tragic relations of the islanders on isolated, once lively, Spruce. The author achieves the atmosphere of her island with its ingrown inhabitants, and at the same time develops characters of some depth, with a sympathetic hand that extends to the kindly, patient deputy and the woman who killed to give her daughter's child a legal father. High suspense, which will have a double play for the mystery market.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1954
Publisher: Coward-McCann