DOLORES AND THE GYPSIES by Margaret Pitcairn Strachan


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From the moment she had seen the exuberant gitanos dance, Dolores yearned to do the flamenco. In the city of Granada where the gentry had nothing to do with the cave dwelling gypsies, it was difficult for Dolores to receive instruction from her gypsy friend Rosita. Only by deceiving her family, could she learn the beautiful art of flamenco and so each night, she would sneak away to the hills for a rendezvous with the gypsies. Problems increase as Dolores tries to acquire the proper flamenco attire. Though she cannot afford the dancing shoes, she fashions an ingenious costume and a pair of castanets. But despite these devious methods, Dolores inspires a spirt of harmony between her own people and the gypsies in a colorful story which introduces Spaniards, Granada and the flameneo to its readers.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1962
Publisher: Ives Washburn