WINDS OF FATE by Margaret Pitcairn Strachan


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The title is hard to justify unless it might be the sirocco of arnica which dates this, just as the book is dated in 1926, when our girl, Lousie Knight is dropped at a downtown (should you underline it?) Philadelphia hospital by her mother's Peerles. She is to be a Proby and there are other Probies and roomies who share her first year in training way back when many patients had specials and there's lots of filling of the ice pitchers. On through classes, bed making, and a few more rigorous pursuits--there's a first casualty (heart attack) and a boy who comes in with knife wounds. But just about the only reality for today when nurses training and activities have certainly changed--their feet hurt. It's all as bland as Boric Acid.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1968
Publisher: Ives Washburn