THREE FOR TREASURE by Margaret Pope Trask
Kirkus Star


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High Over, Vermont, is another name for paradise according to Lissa and Daniel Duffield. It is the home of their grandparents and the perfect place for two curious youngsters to spend a summer. Even the unwelcome presence of goodnatured clinging Martin Hatch cannot dim their enthusiasm though both children are certainly disappointed to see him. Reluctantly they include Martin in their games and projects, the most exciting of which is the discovery of Aunty Melly's diary written when she was a little girl and indicating the general whereabouts of Arabella, a precious doll containing a silver teaset. After writing to Aunty Melly, the children receive an answer leading them to the treasure. Yet a much more valuable prize is in the offing. As Daniel and Lissa get to know Martin through the mishaps and pleasures of summer escapades, they come to know a kind and generous child who is no longer an intruder. Though Lissa refuses to sell the antique teaset to persistent Mrs. Plum, she gives it to Martin - as a token of her own newfound generosity. There is warmhearted humor in this story and children as real as their readers - children who grow as a result of their experiences.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1962
Publisher: Crowell