JOEY AND PATCHES: A Tale of Two Kittens by Margaret S. & Helen Lossing Johnson

JOEY AND PATCHES: A Tale of Two Kittens

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A kitten primer, for second year readers, written and illustrated by a team popular through many yours for their dog and horse stories (many with historical and regional backgrounds). This is- I think- their first book for this age level, and is printed in clear large type with ample white space. The story tells of two six-weeks-old kittens, as they emerge with strongly individual characteristics in their adventures. Patches was gentle; Joey too lively for the Kent's household. Sweet Spanish Flash becomes a friend, but the old cat scorns them. Joey's venturesome spirit serves his family well, as he discovers a fire and rouses the family -- and so wins a right to the house again.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1947
Publisher: Morrow