SNOWSHOE PAWS by Margaret S. Johnson


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Margaret Johnson is publishing two types of books. This comes closer to Joey and Patches than to Gay, A Shetland Sheep Dog. The difference lies not only in the age level, but in the fact that the stories written for beginning readers are simple might-be-true stories of cats and dogs, while the others are keyed to the next age up and tell stories that illustrate the instincts and training of special breeds...This new book is a story of a kitten adopted by kind Miss Abbott, but then sent away to the country because he couldn't get along with the puppy, Impy. But Lanny was homesick and came back again, and before the story ends saves Impy's life, and wins his right to stay. The story is neither particularly original nor exciting, but it is true to the nature of cat and dog, and the illustrations, a full page for each page of text, are delightful. There is however enough story to provide a real invitation to reading for second and third year readers. One could wish breaks had been indicated so that the attention span would not be overstrained. The clear large type and extra leading between the lines will prove an aid for beginners.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1949
Publisher: Morrow