THY KINGDOM COME...BUT NOT NOW by Margaret Slattery


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A sort of peep show into the less pretty corners of our modern world -- not just the poor in earthly goods, but the poor in spirit are caught in the glare of Miss Slattery's spotlight. The rich who feel the poor are not entitled to a car, the rich who drink and should not drive their cars, miners' wives and social queens, summer resorts and tenements, subways and long sleek black limousines, charwomen's children sweltering at night, the children of the rich farmed out while their parents throw parties, sent to boarding schools while parents take cures. She has toured the length and breadth of this country speaking to as widely varied audiences, listening to the problems of literally thousands at meetings and conferences. She knows all about the large majority who glibly repeat ""Thy Kingdom Come"" but hasten to add under their breath ""but not now.

Publisher: Harper