DAVEY, COME HOME by Margaret Teibl


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Davey's parents are divorced, he never sees his mother, his after-school sitter pays him no attention, and he feels lonesome when the other boys' mothers call them in to dinner before his Dad gets home from work. Teibl takes Davey through some everyday life--spending happy but uneventful weekends with his father, daydreaming in class--and then the teenage sitter quits and is replaced by motherly Mrs. Summers, who cooks Davoy's dinner, hangs his pictures on the fridge, and at last (when he stays out late for just that purpose) calls him in to dinner. It's a quiet story--probably too quiet, as the separate episodes have no plot interest in themselves and the overall plot is very thin. But Teibl does an effective job of communicating Davey's feelings without overstating them.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1979
Publisher: Harper & Row