ANIMALS THROUGH THE YEAR by Margaret Waring Buck


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There is a lot of useful and interesting information here, and the arrangement of the seasonal discoveries gives a somewhat new slant. The approach is definitely that of the particular season and the animal at that season, (and when the facts are indicated, the mother and young). How and where they live, what the habits of the creatures are at the particular season, etc. The fact that the same animals recur, not every one at every season, but two or three times, is a little confusing at first and gives one a sense of redundance, but in the last analysis, each introduction adds to ones knowledge and gives one a sense of rediscovery. There is no attempt at geographic location; consequently the book is not limited to one section or another, as the animals included are found in many parts of the country. A book of somewhat limited appeal, but a good introductory fact book about nature and animal study.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1941
Publisher: Rand, McNally