IN WOODS AND FIELDS by Margaret Waring Buck
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It is almost unheard of for us to report again on a book once reviewed, but chance examination of the finished book brought out much that had not been evident on first seeing it last February...Here is an exceptionally successful third and fourth grade level nature book, the kind that ti facts and pictures so closely together that it serves as a practical handbook. The seasonal round is handled by dividing the salient data into locales, -- woods, stream, fields; the things to look for, details of recognition (fern fiddleheads in Spring, footprints on the snow in Winter, etc.) make it fun to use. The specific birds, flowers, animals, insects shown are ones that most children in the country can see for themselves. The section on "" to see in Spring and Summer"" allows for considerable expansion, in less detail. A Bibliography ties this book in with further reading. And an Index gives it reference value. The drawings in line and wash are charming, and accurate as to detail.

Publisher: Abingdon-Cokesbury