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by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

Pub Date: June 8th, 1997
ISBN: 0-553-09965-5
Publisher: Spectra/Bantam

 Sequel to the duo's vastly popular paperback Darksword trilogy. Following the destruction of the Darksword, planet Thimhallan is now all but devoid of magic, and many inhabitants have fled to Earth. Humans everywhere, however, are threatened by the insensate invading alien Hch'nyv (they refuse to negotiate with anyone--except, when the plot requires it, with the evil science/magic Technomancer, Kevon Smythe). On Earth, old Saryon and his mute scribe, narrator Reuven, are visited by the magic-powered Enforcer, Mosiah; he tells them that Joram has crafted a new Darksword back on Thimhallan. (How? Why? He just has, okay?) Smythe wants the sword, either to fight the Hch'nyv or to bargain with them. So Saryon, Reuven, and Mosiah go to Thimhallan to plead with Joram, but he doesn't want to give up his new sword. Joram's daughter, Eliza, grabs it and flees when the group is attacked by Smythe's henchmen. Fortunately, Scylla, an angel sent by God, has the ability to jump between alternate timelines to ensure that the good guys win in the end. And then there's the mysterious, magical Simkin, who also has an agenda and may actually be the Darksword. We never get to meet the Hch'nyv. A loopy farrago of motiveless doings, gruesomely mingled magic and technology, fitful plot contortions, smoke and mirrors: another smash hit from the monarchs of no-brainer fantasy.