THE FIRST BOOK OF BUGS by Margaret Williamson


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Almost every child is fascinated by bugs. Here's a book that tells them about the different sorts of bugs, how they look, how they build their houses, the kinds of sounds they make, how they protect themselves from their enemies. The descriptions are given in words that capture the imagination and attention, while the facts selected are typical and often curious. Children will love the detailed description of how a spider spins a web, how ants work to build a city, how bees and wasps function. The young woman who has written the text has done her own beguiling pictures, and the material has been carefully checked for scientific accuracy by the zoology department at McGill. Grownups will find all sorts of choice bits of nature data, delightfully presented, and young readers, in third to fifth grades will find it absorbingly interesting, and there is wide use for it in camp and scout groups. Bound in cloth, sturdily sewn, it serves as a field guide.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1949
ISBN: 1171855966
Publisher: Franklin Watts