DEVIL'S WORK by Margaret Yorke


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Romance mixes with impending doom--in a tidy but rather placid little thriller from the author of such recent others as The Hand of Death and The Scent of Fear. Alan Parker, a married man just fired from his middle-level job, has begun a low-key affair with timid, neurotic widow Louise Waring--whose seven-year-old daughter Tessa brought the lovers together. And though Alan's fond patience slowly brings Louise out of her shell, his late-night visits stir the wrath of the Warings' deranged neighbor: Mrs. Cox, a veteran nanny who murdered one of her charges years ago, was convicted, served her time, and is now obsessed with saving Tessa from her ""immoral"" mother. With perceptive insights into Louise's problems and some subdued suspense when Mrs. Cox starts scheming: a mildly absorbing reworking of the psycho-nanny theme--delivered in Yorke's economical, easy-reading style.

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1982
Publisher: St. Martin's