THE GALLANTRYS by Margery Allingham Carter


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Delicate but sharp character-portraiture, sophisticated writing, penetrating social commentary, combine to make the story of James a symbol of the 19th century. Son of gypsy Chulie and Will Gallantry, Jamestried to emulate only his father and his idol, young Caster. With his father's death and his mother's disappearance, he managed to escape his half-brothers' and sisters' plans for him, and became a successful (amateur) horsetrader and business man, He passes up marriage with the woman he loves, and weds Jinny in order to give Castor's illegitimate grandson, William, his name. A study of tightening social compartments, of industrial change, of the barriers of business, marriage, religion, background and conflicting inheritance, make this a superior piece of period reconstruction, weakened as a story by its vision-ending of the Gallantry descendants in the present war.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1943
Publisher: Little, Brown