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NO GLASS SLIPPER by Margery Hurst



Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Crown

...Just a shoestring loan and bootfuls of ambition turned this ""cock-eyed optimist"" into ""Britain's First Lady of Commerce."" And the Lady's snappy life makes good after hours reading for today's career women. She was a willful, pudgy, bossy bundle of energy who Just lacked the talent when she studied at Britain's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; then there was an equally inauspicious stint in Rep Theatre before the war broke, her family's finances went flat, she became a war bride and ended up in the Army. After a few run-ins with the Establishment she became an officer and developed her flair for organization and instinct for dealing with people. But at war's end she found herself broke, a deserted mother who was going to have to earn a ""man's salary,"" in what was decidedly not a woman's world. With a sturdy typewriter, persuasive obstinacy and capable friends she launched ""Brook Street"" which has since speedwritten up into the world's largest secretarial bureau with international offices She tells her story with a good deal of humor and common sense. And we'll bet she set it down in shorthand and typed it at 120 per.